Six Month Challenge

Once Upon a Time... I decided to take a break from dating. A 6-month break to be exact. November 2011 until May 2012. There were lots of reasons for doing it. Some of which you'll find as you read through, but feel free to ask me about the others.

Through this process, I learned a lot about myself. A lot that I still probably need to work through in therapy. And I cheated the system. A lot. Which taught me even more about myself. It was hard and emotional, but overall, I'm glad I did it.

If you haven't been around since the beginning of the blog and want to catch up, here you go. Read at your own risk...

See You in Six Months

Day 7: Take Every Thought Captive

Day 8: Responses

Day 8: Restoration

Day 9: Broken

Day 11: God Trusts Me

Day 13: Rollercoaster

Day 14: Temptations

Day 16: Thankful

Day 17: Placekeeper

Day 18: Goodbye

Day 19: Reconfirmation

Day 20: Progress

Day 21: Friendship

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25: Race Day

Day 27: One. Two. Three.

Day 28: Let Me Go

Day 32: Remembering the Blessings

Day 35: Fears

Day 36: My Story

Day 37: Relief

Day 40: This is My Now

Day 42: Social Media

Day 44: Memories

Day 46: Easy Button

Day 48

Day 49: Random Musings

Day 50: Sixth Sense

Day 54: Get Real

Day 56: Girl Time

Day 58: You Don't Know Me

Day 59: Mixed Emotions

Day 60: Celebrate

Day 62: The Ex Files

Day 66: I Pray for You

Day 68: You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Day 69: Escape

Day 72: #girlsnightin

Day 73: Goodbye

Day 89: I'm Baaaaack!

Day 95: Catch Up

Day 98: #ValentinesDay

Day 102: A Moment

Day 103: Explanation

Day 121: This Won't Make Sense

Day 122: The Bane of My Existence

Day 123: Whirlwind

Day 128: Calculating

Day 130: The End is Near

Day 137: Struggles

Day 139: My Life is a Lifetime Movie

Day 142: Loneliness

Day 143: Games

Day 145: Fighting Idols

Day 147: Focusing on the Present

Day 150: Looking Back

Day 152: Just Friends

Day 155: Texts From Last Night

Day 156: Are You Married?

Day 159: Revelations

Day 161: Anxiety

Day 164

Day 169: Heaven has Another Angel

Day 178: Final Countdown

Day 181: The End

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