30 x 30

The 30 x 30 challenge has officially started. 30 things I want to accomplish by my next birthday. Some of them are serious. Some are silly. Some are things that I have done before, but want to make sure that I do them again this year. Some are things I have never done.

Feel free to join me in 1 or all of these. Let me know if you want to tag along!

But they are all here. I will update this page as I start crossing things off the list, but hopefully by next year they will all be finished!

1. The End 11/22/15
2. Take a how-to class
3. Unplug for a weekend
4. Volunteer
5. Go skinny dipping
6. Travel overseas 10/10/15
7. Be in the audience of a talk show
8. Tell someone my (uncensored, unedited) story
9. Watch the sunrise 1/29/16
10. 30 x 30 debt
11. Learn how to drive a stick shift
12. Fly a kite
13. Go camping
14. Play the lottery 1/9/16
15. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
16. Take a road trip 1/31/16
17. Watch all of AFI's 100 movies
18. Eat vegetarian for a week
19. Learn to play an instrument
20. Stay up for 24 hours straight
21. Learn how to surf
22. Throw a dinner party
23. Do a triathlon
24. Go on a blind date
25. Sing karaoke
26. Learn a new language
27. Buy a round for the bar
28. Explore my own city
29. Shower in the rain
30. Be content

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