Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures of Paul and Ela

I just got back from the beach with my family (well, they are all still there. I came back for work) but being with them was so relaxing and just perfect. And it made me realize that I have the best family ever! I know everyone probably says that, but seriously, it's true. So hilarious! Sometimes I wish I could record our conversations so that other people will believe me that they happened. Other times I am glad that there is no evidence of the statements! Ha! But here are just a few of the family stories:

*Background story* My aunt Pam decided that this summer she would start going by "Pamela." She claimed that if we called her Pam, she would call my mom Paul. And so it began...

* Saturday morning, my mom and I rode down with my roommate (Nancy) and her beach crew. So after all the pickups, the caravan was finally on the way to the beach. Like an hour in, someone had to stop to go the bathroom. My mom and I didn't understand. Family story #1: The summer after 3rd grade, my family drove to Oregon to visit my cousins. It took 4 days. We stopped for gas. That's it! We had until the gas tank finished filling up to go to the bathroom and get any food that we needed-even if that meant running across the highway to get what we wanted. My dad even got a port-a-potty to put in the back in case we needed it. Like I said, we didn't stop!  

* So after a few stops,  we made it. The roommate dropped my mom and I off at our condo and then they went to her place a few miles down the road. My mom and I rented bikes and rode to the market while we were waiting on my aunt and cousin to arrive.When they got there, we hung out for a while and then went to meet Nancy and crew. Hilarity #2: We meet them at a restaurant, sit at the table close by because there wasn't room, and then ordered drinks. While we are waiting on the waitress to bring our drinks, the twins decide they want to look at the bar next door because it looks interesting. They go look and then come back out and decide they want to go there. Umm, we had JUST ordered drinks. So they, just being themselves, ask the waitress if they can take the drinks from one restaurant into another! My cousin, Meredith, and I paid the bill (and left a generous tip!) and then met the twins at the other restaurant...

* Sunday morning Meredith and I decide to go for a run (after being guilted into it by the girl that came into the coffee shop in her running clothes) so we decided we would run the 2 miles from our condo to seaside and then get drinks and take them back to the beach. Running is more fun when there's a reward. :) The run was hot! But fun. It reminded me of the half which was fun, but like I said so hot! So we made it to seaside, found the twins and talked to them for a while, and then got our drinks and started the walk back. Sunday was so relaxing! My sister and brother-in-law hadn't gotten there yet so it was just the four of us on the beach all day. We got to sleep and talk--tell crazy stories and laugh... a lot!

* That night, the McGruders arrived so we took Marlee back to the beach. She wasn't really sure how she felt about it all, but we had fun! The next day, was quite an adventure! Meredith had gotten bit by a yellow fly so we made our way to a little walk in clinic to get it looked at. (This was after multiple trips to publix for benadryl cream and hydrocortisone) So we go to the clinic, then go back to publix to hit up the pharmacy. I wish I had gotten the twins on camera at this point. My mom hurt her shoulder somehow, so she bought some icyhot and had my aunt put it on her- like every 10 minutes. They walked around smelling like icy hot the whole time so we always knew where they were. Then we decided we needed some more beer for the beach so my sister, who is 7 months pregnant at this time, goes and gets the beer. So instead of helping, we stand at the pharmacy and laugh as she brings up the alcohol.

* After that adventure, we finally went to the beach for a while and then met my roommate for lunch- or dinner- or whatever meal you eat at like 2 or 3. Delicious Mexican restaurant. Hilarious conversation- that is way too inappropriate to be posted here! I still laugh just thinking about it! That night we went back to the beach, got to watch the sunset, and take a nap on the beach. It was perfect!

* Tuesday was my last day there :( Woke up that morning and went on a 12 mile bike ride with my mom. It was fun to ride some and to have some alone time with her. Then we got ready to go. Pamela, Meredith, and I had to drive back home so I could go back to work on Wednesday. The ride back was just as much as an adventure. Classic!

* This post doesn't even begin to truly capture the hilarity that was my few days at the beach. It was perfect and relaxing and just enough of a pick-me-up to make it through a few more weeks-I hope!