Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Weeks?!

Everyone says "When you know, you know" and I never really believed them, because I didn't know and because the logical side of me thought that just didn't make sense. Until it did. Because I know. And so let me go ahead and air my dirty laundry (since the 3 people that read this already know). We are on a break. For two weeks. The short version: we are fasting from our relationship with each other to focus on our relationship with God. And how do I argue with that? Normally a situation like this would send my brain into overdrive. My imagination would run wild. But I have a overwhelming sense of peace. I'm excited about it. I'm excited to see what God wants to show me during this time. I'm excited about what God is teaching him. And I'm excited about what it looks like for our relationship.

But it's still hard. And not because I worry about what this means or what he's thinking. But because things happen every single day that I want to share with him. Someone says or does something that reminds me of him and I immediately want to call him. But I don't. And you know what I do instead? I pray and thank Jesus for the sweet blessing in my life. And shouldn't that be my initial reaction anyway? Even by us not talking, he is continually pushing me towards the cross. And I love that about him!

I am so thankful for a godly man that seeks the Lord above everything else. A man that I know will always put me second in his life. A man that will not let our relationship become a distraction--a good distraction, but still a distraction. Because even a good thing can become an idol if we make it the ultimate thing. I can't wait to sit down and talk to him next weekend about everything. To just share life with him again. But for now, I'm excited about 2 weeks of time with just me and my Father!