Saturday, February 1, 2014


I'm an enigma. I love New Year's resolutions and a good to-do list, but I'm not a stickler about them like people seem to think I am. I want to run 500 miles this year. I'm behind. And it's okay. I know that I'm only 4 weeks in and there is still time to catch up but if I don't that's okay too. The point is to get active. To push myself to run more. And so if I run more miles this year than I did last year, I'll count it a success. (Although I do really want to get in 500 miles...) But I also want to run another half this year and if I actually sign up for one and train for it then I should make up for those missed miles in no time!

I also wanted to blog twice a week. Which already hasn't happened. Work has been crazy and I did not plan ahead. But the real goal is to blog more. To make it a habit. There are so many times that I wish I was better about getting my thoughts into words. Or have the memories to look back on. So again, the plan is to blog more this year than last year. Which shouldn't be hard because I kinda sucked it up last year. I am also trying to journal more. Which I am totally winning at so far thanks to voice memos. (I promise that I'm going to write about them more soon. Maybe this week...)

I already wrote about how I'm totally overachieving on the whole "read a book a month" resolution. I have already read 3 1/2 books this month. And I'm right on track for my financial goals, except that I just found out some terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news about my tax refund this year. Trying to find out if it's really true. Hoping that it's not! Good thing I did not put it into the budget.

New Year's resolution-wise, 2014 has been a pretty good year. I am on track on 4 of my resolutions and ahead on 2 of them. But there are 3 that I need to do and I'm behind on 4. There's still plenty of time though! Aside from resolutions, 2014 has started off pretty bad. (That's me being optimistic. And censoring myself...) And it's only been one month. I'm ready for the bumpy ride train wreck that will be February. I've known this was coming for 7 months and in some ways, I'm still totally unprepared. The rest of the year can only be better though... right?