Tuesday, October 11, 2011

God Speaks

So I secretly want to be best friends with Katie Bower. Okay, I guess it's not so secret anymore, but it's the truth. If anyone has any insider knowledge about how to make this happen, let me know.  Anyway, today on her blog she wrote a letter to herself. The letter was about her frustrations with not being able to get pregnant but it had so many things in it that I needed to hear. So I've reposted part of it below. You can read the letter in its entirety HERE. And then read the rest of her blog and you too can have a girl crush on her! So, here's the letter:

"...Don't you trust God's perfect timing? Don't you want to enjoy what you have right now? ...Don't you know that thinking constantly about it doesn't make it happen any sooner?

...God knows your heart. He knows what you want before you even want it. He knows what is good for you, and what is better for you. He knows what you can do, what you can manage, and why you need to experience this. His timing is perfect...not yours. He did invent time after all. And He also knows that you are pretty darn horrible at being patient. But don't you think that the God whom gave you... would also want you to stop focusing on what you don't have and start appreciating the things you do? You have so much. So so much. Don't you think that He knows it's hard? He made you. He built you. He knows exactly what makes each cell of your body tick. But you will never get today again. You will never get to repeat now. So do this moment. Do your heart out in this moment.

...It's okay to dream about it. It's okay to make plans. Just remember that you are in a plan right now. It's just one you don't have all the details to yet..."

Isn't that so good?! I know it was what I needed to hear today. Hope it blesses someone else as much as it did me.