Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year

It's a leap year! We have a free day. An extra 24 hours! Make the most of this day. Step out of your comfort zone. Do something that you wouldn't normally do. Explore! Go on an adventure! We are all too often ruled by fear and make decisions to do things- or more often, not to do things based on our fears. Stop all that! Step in faith and do something big! You have a bonus day!

* I can't help thinking of the leap year episode of Frasier. If you are singing Buttons and Bows in you head right now, we might be best friends!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Smiles

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
- Psalm 34:4

Friday, February 26, 2016


I've talked about Glennon and her blog before. While I don't agree with everything that she says or all of her theology, I still love her so much. She is just so real! She posted this on Instagram and I had to share it. You were not a mistake! You were created for a purpose! God loves you so, so much! Live a life that glorifies Him in response to that love and grace!

I've been doing the Winter Off-Road Series again this year. It's always so much fun! And so, so muddy! But I definitely have a new found love for trail runs after doing this series. This picture was during the 8K. Sorry, it's blurry. I was running! But someone once asked me about times and I just laughed. These are not the races to PR. Most of the path is only wide enough for one person so we basically run single file. Then, every once in a while, the path widens and there is room to pass. There is lots of calling out "on your left!"

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hahahahappy Birthday

Many years ago, in a land far, far away, a miracle happened. And by that, I mean that my sister was born! We got to FaceTime last night (which was really mostly me talking to my nieces), but I got to wish her a happy 32nd birthday too! I'm hoping to get up to Nashville soon to celebrate in person.

Happy birthday Jessica! I am so thankful that you are my big sister. From sharing a room to you saving me from drowning...twice! From rides to school to mutual friends to dating the same guys! I am so lucky that I have been able to look up to you for all these years. You are a great wife, mother, sister, and friend. I love you!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

30 x 30: Take a Road Trip

Alright, let's talk about this road trip!

* I snapped the whole trip, so excuse all the captions...

My brother had been in Indiana for 3 weeks for training so Friday morning, my dad and I flew to Indiana to meet him. Packing was a puzzle. Seattle was supposed to be pretty mild, but we were going to be driving through lots of snow, so I wanted to be warm. We also had to pack light since my brother had his entire life in his car and so space was limited. I decided to wear my bamboo shirt because a. it's super soft and b. when I bought it, I was told that I could wear it for 7 workouts without washing it. (I haven't tested that, but it held pretty well on the 3-day trip!)


We made it to Indianapolis around 10:45, but were about a 30-45 minutes away from my brother and he was still in training for another 2 hours or so. We decided to take an uber closer to him and then met him at Pei Wei for lunch. We ate lunch and then got on the road!

My brother started off driving. I was in the back. We drove through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and into South Dakota. It was mostly corn- with a little bit of snow. We started to see more snow once we got to Minnesota.

We thought about continuing to drive through the night, but we wanted to visit Mount Rushmore and if we had kept driving, we would have gotten there at like 4am so we decided to stop. We stopped at about 12:30 or 1 and got a hotel for the night to rest.


We started day 2 a little later than we planned. We were tired! We got on the road about 8 Saturday morning. My dad drove. I had the front seat and my brother sat in the back because he was tired from training and driving and wanted to sleep some more.

Somewhere in South Dakota, my brother's car started acted funny. It felt like it was losing power on the hills. Luckily, there aren't many hills in South Dakota. But we decided to get it looked at anyway. Or plan was to go to Mount Rushmore and then take it to get looked at and get back on the road. We turned down the path to Mount Rushmore and saw a large hill. We discussed it and decided to change plans. Car first! Because we were near Mount Rushmore, we were in a large-ish town and there was a Toyota dealership one exit away. We go to the dealership and someone looks at it and says that one of the cylinders is misfiring. But... he only has 2 guys working and wouldn't be able to get to it that day. And it was Saturday. He sends us to a little mechanic shop about a mile away. The mechanic takes a look and says that he thinks it's 2 cylinders. He's ordering the parts and should have us back on the road in about an hour!

Except it wasn't that easy! After he gets in a little further, he thinks that it has effected the entire engine and is estimating that it would cost about 5K. Nope! New plan. We go back to the dealership to start looking for a new car. I told my brother not to stress about it- if he saw something that he liked to get it, but if not we could always just rent something and he could look when he got to Seattle and wasn't under so much pressure. He and my dad walked around for a little while, drove over to another dealership, and ended up finding a Subaru Tribeca. My brother had been thinking about Subarus anyway and it was the only one on the lot. So he got it!

Then we had the fun task of unloading his car and repacking the new one. It was quite the task, but just call me the Queen of Tetris! While we were doing it, my brother and I joked about playing Tetris on Playstation back in the day. Good times!

God's hand was in all of this 100%. If we had driven through the night, nothing would have been open. We were in an actually city in the middle of the day that had a dealership. It really was as seamless as it could have been!

After we left in his new ride, we headed to Mount Rushmore- much later than we planned. Thankfully, it was all lit up!

We thought about getting a hotel there, but I think we were all ready to be out of South Dakota so we kept going. Out of South Dakota, through Wyoming, and into Montana. Then we found a hotel for the night.

Day 3! My dad drove again. I offered to drive but he said that he was okay. He didn't drive a ton the day before since most of the day was spent in Rapid City, South Dakota. I took the front and my brother hung out in the back again. Montana just may be my favorite state. It is gorgeous! I took tons of scenery pictures!

There was a small hiccup, when an animal ran out in the road. My dad hit what we now think was a black weasel. There was a dragging noise afterwards and we thought it was somehow still connected to the car, so we pulled over to investigate. We were wrong. It was so big that it had hit the bumper and tore something off. We (my dad) tied it up with some twine so it wouldn't drag. I was still in awe of the scenery and made my brother take a picture with me and his selfie stick. He was bummed about his new car so not as excited as me about the picture.

* It was a minor issue. They got the new part when we got to Seattle and replaced it themselves.

We got back on the road again and I continued to admire the scenery!

I also helped my brother do some studying for work. Random quizing throughout the trip!

It started snowing towards the end of Montana and into Idaho. It was beautiful, but we were in a National Forrest so it was shaded and winding roads and started to get a little slick.

But we made it through and into Washington! And then into Seattle!

And that was the trip! 3 days. 9 states. 2,250 miles.

This was a really long post, but I wanted to get everything in so that I wouldn't forget anything. It was such a fun adventure and I'm glad I got to share it with my dad and brother!