Thursday, June 29, 2017

Whole 30: Week 4

Last full week! It's the final countdown!

Day 22: Typical morning. Black coffee while sitting outside playing with Molly. Breakfast cup on the way to work. Weird thing that I don't think I've mentioned, I have gotten into the habit of brushing my teeth at work now. After coffee and breakfast, I used to grab a mint or stick of gum before going to talk to patients upclose and personal, but since neither of those are options now I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash in my desk drawer. (Now that I think about it, the toothpaste and mouthwash both probably have sugar in them. Does that count since I spit them out?)*

Snacked on almonds and grapes while working and then had my shrimp and zoodles for lunch. Hey, I actually ate lunch! I also had a honeycrisp apple. Because. ;)

For dinner, I had some balsamic glazed chicken with roasted veggies. Roasted veggies are kind of my go-to side. They are quick and easy. And delicious. I also drank a lemon La Croix. I'm pretty sure I'm working my way through all the flavors. I know I haven't had sugar in a while, but this one legit tasted like lemonade. So good!

Day 23: I had big plans to run this morning, but Cindy had other plans. It was storming when I woke up, but I was determined so I went to the gym before work. Got a quick run in on the treadmill. I don't like treadmill running, but this morning was actually pretty good. Drank a huge glass of water while I got ready since I was still sweating after my shower then grabbed coffee and a breakfast cup to eat on the go.

Snacked on a honeycrisp apple. Didn't eat lunch again, but it was another super short day! Came home early and had some peel-and-eat shrimp (it was actually a lot more than I had originally thought!) Then I had some Asian glazed chicken and roasted veggies for dinner.

Day 24: Woke up and had coffee and a banana before heading out to the gym. I did a super quick treadmill run and then lifted. It was actually a really good workout and I felt strong doing it. That's always an added bonus! When I got home, I didn't want to eat a real meal, but I felt like I needed something so I had a Lara Bar. They are the only Whole 30 compliant bar and they say to eat them only in moderation, but this was my first one. And it was delicious! Highly recommend!

For lunch, I had Asian glazed chicken with baked kale before going shopping with some friends. And shopping wasn't the typical, miserable experience. Clothes actually fit better! Score! For dinner I had garlic shrimp with zoodles.

I went out with friends that night and felt a little punch-drunk. I had So. Much. Energy. Is this the tigerblood that everyone was talking about??

Day 25: Coffee and breakfast cup before church. Then ate some strawberries and kiwi during class. After church I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things. I think I made it out with only 6 things! It's easier to get just a few things when you go like every other day...

For lunch I had the rest of the Asian glazed chicken with some homemade guac. And watermelon.

I took a Sunday afternoon nap and took the dog for a walk then I realized that the fridge was getting a little sparse so I decided to do some meal prepping. Since I was going into the last full week, I basically cut up all the veggies so they would be ready to cook this week and marinated a bunch of chicken that I can bake or grill tomorrow afternoon.

Then I just snacked for dinner. Mandarin orange and almonds. And a La Croix, of course!

Day 26: Back to work... Bleh! Coffee, breakfast cup, and banana for breakfast. Garlic shrimp with zoodles for lunch. With some grapes and carrots.

After work, I cooked a little bit. Grilled some fajita chicken with veggies and baked some more Asian glazed chicken. I think it's my favorite! I just snacked for dinner again. Had some watermelon and sampled both of the chicken options when they were finished cooking. And I officially finished off my almonds. I'm pretty sure that I have eaten my weight in almonds this month!

Day 27: *TMI alert* My period was 2 days late. I know that may not seem like a big deal to some people, but I'm regular. My cycle is 28 days long. I start between 4 and 6 am. As I said... regular. So I can only assume that it is related to Whole 30. I have been eating (generally) organic with less hormones and no soy so I guess it just shifted things a little. I assume that if I continued this things would regulate to a "new" normal, but I don't know what will happen after this month.

Went for a good run this morning when I woke up. Came home and made some coffee while I was getting ready then grabbed a breakfast cup and an orange for the road. Had fajitas with lettuce wrap for lunch. With carrots and a tangerine La Croix. I went to dinner with friends. This was only the second time that I've eaten out this month. That's pretty impressive! I would think that I was saving money if I didn't feel like I had been to the grocery store every other day. Ha! I did eat an apple pie Lara Bar as a snack because I wasn't sure if there would be anything for me to eat. But I ended up getting a hamburger- no bun, with everything on the side. I ate it with a knife and fork and added onion, tomato, and lettuce. Instead of the house chips, I got a side of broccoli- with no butter. Pretty good!

Day 28: Had coffee and a banana while I read this morning. Then I finished my last breakfast cup. And this time I'm not making more. It's kind of weird knowing that I'm at the end and that as I finish things, they are just finished. Except not really, because I am going to keep doing this- for the most part.

Snacked on some grapes. Grilled chicken and guac for lunch. Had plans for dinner a devo that night. Wasn't sure if there would be anything that I could eat, but I decided to risk it and not eat beforehand. Wrong choice. I maybe could have eaten some of the meat, but I'm pretty sure it was soaked in butter. So I just skipped it. By the time I got home, it was too late to eat anything so I just went to bed. Oh well!

* I checked. They're okay since you aren't ingesting them. Whole 30 also recommends chewing on mint leaves. Hmm...

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